Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact
To reduce the environmental footprint of our product lifecycles, we consider impacts related to manufacturing and the materials used in our products and their packaging. When products reach the end of their usable life, we reclaim materials for reuse where possible.

All of our European manufacturing and distribution sites follow ISO 14001, a globally-recognised standard for environmental management systems (EMS), designed to manage and improve environmental performance across industries. Our commitment to this system ensures that throughout our operations, we protect the environment, respond to changing environmental conditions, fulfill compliance obligations, enhance environmental performance and deliver sustainable development.

Waste Management and Recycling

We approach our waste-reduction challenge systematically, adopting international best practices and research-backed protocols. We set clear, ambitious, measurable objectives and continuously measure ourselves against those objectives.

Packaging Initiatives

We develop packaging sustainability goals under the guidance of a global sustainability packaging and labeling steering committee. Our packaging and labeling practices include optimizing design, reducing waste and limiting emissions from shipping. As a member of the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council, we collaborate with industry peers across health care, recycling and waste management industries to improve recyclability of products and packaging.