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Headshot of Matteo Balzarro, M.D.

Novel Tube Positioning Technique for AMS 800

Aiming to standardize tubing path and to optimize tubing placement safety in the AMS 800 Artificial Urinary Sphincter.

Matteo Balzzaro, MD - Verona, Italy

Up to Date with Research

The goal in our practice is to be able to give the best quality of care to our patients; we strive to provide novel therapies.

Jonathan Clavell, MD, Houston, Texas - USA
Headshot of Jonathan Clavell, M.D.
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This is Innovation

Inspiring, real-world examples of innovation from your peers in prosthetic urology around the globe. Support their stories, share yours.
Headshot of Jaspreet Singh, D.O.

Traveling the World and Learning from Pioneers of Urologic Care

It is so important for a surgeon to offer his patients the cutting edge in technology; the latest and greatest that’s available.

Jaspreet Singh, DO, Newburgh, New York, USA

Understanding Population Management

With innovation and the exciting things in the future that we are starting to see come to life, it has to do with the understanding of population management.

Richard Natale, MD, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Headshot of Richard Natale, M.D.
Headshot of Jonathan Clavell, M.D.

Fluent in English and Spanish to Reach Underserved Communities

In our practice innovation is key. We’re fluent in both English and Spanish and we have a particular interest to target our Hispanic community because we know that is a community currently underserved. 

Jonathan Clavell, MD, Houston, Texas - USA

The Value of Digital Media Marketing to Reach Men of All Backgrounds

I just started and I think it’s really important to do digital media marketing. One final thing I think is really important is reaching out to different communities, different minorities who may not be comfortable already coming to a doctor.

Casey McCraw, MD, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Headshot of Casey McCraw, M.D.
Headshot of Ken Mitchell, P.A.

Physician Assistants an Integral Part in Delivering Men’s Health Care

Our practice is doing something innovative in that we are physician-led by one urologist and primarily all the work is done by PAs and nurse practitioners.

Ken Mitchell, PA, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Innovating in Education; Reach, Teach, Learn

Learning never ends. One of the things that’s really important to me is to try and educate urologists and surgeons around the world. I always end up learning something myself.

Brian Christine, MD, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Headshot of Brian Christine, M.D.
Headshot of Bruno Machado, M.D.

Thinking Outside the Box; Connecting Other Areas of Science with Medicine

You have to think outside the box. I like to read about the innovations of the industry, but it’s good to review materials that may be not just relatable to the medical field.

Bruno Machado, MD, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Building a Team of Talented Providers to Address Every Facet of Men’s Health

Innovation to me means building a team of talented providers within my university to address every facet of men’s health.

Amy Pearlman, MD, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Headshot of Amy Pearlman, M.D.
Headshot of Brian Christine, M.D.

Engaging Patients Through Social Media Helps us Convey the Message that We can Help

Just like innovation is important to improving surgical technique, innovation is really important in how we reach patients and how we take care of patients.

Brian Christine, MD, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Challenging the Status Quo

Innovation for me is about challenging the status quo. It’s about the opportunity to raise awareness about our solutions in ways that we never have. I’ve been very active in social media and radio advertising.

Shawn Blick, MD, Phoenix, Arizona - USA
Headshot of Shawn Blick, M.D.
Headshot of Jonathan Clavell, M.D.

Habla Inglés y Español con Fluidez para Llegar a las Comunidades Marginadas

Habla inglés y español con fluidez para llegar a las comunidades marginadas

Jonathan Clavell, MD, Houston, Texas - USA

Improving Quality of Life Among Men Who Have Lost Self Confidence

For the last 15 years I have done about 3,000 inflatable penile prosthesis surgeries for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Moo Yeon Lee, MD, Seoul, Korea
Headshot of Moo Yeon Lee, MD
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Erectile Dysfunction is an Important Disease

Penile prosthesis surgery is the standard treatment for refractory ED across the world.

Koichi Nagao, MD - Tokyo, Japan