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Inspiring, Real-World Examples of Prosthetic Urology Innovation

Physicians in the prosthetic urology space drive innovation for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and male stress urinary incontinence through patient education, training, technology and collaborating with peers. We have created a page where you can read and submit your own stories of innovations.

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This is Innovation

Inspiring, real-world examples of innovation from your peers in prosthetic urology around the globe. Support their stories, share yours.
Headshot of Jonathan Clavell, M.D.

Up to Date with Research

The goal in our practice is to be able to give the best quality of care to our patients; we strive to provide novel therapies.

Jonathan Clavell, MD, Houston, Texas - USA

Innovating in Education; Reach, Teach, Learn

Learning never ends. One of the things that’s really important to me is to try and educate urologists and surgeons around the world. I always end up learning something myself.

Brian Christine, MD, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Headshot of Brian Christine, M.D.
Headshot of Shawn Blick, M.D.

Challenging the Status Quo

Innovation for me is about challenging the status quo. It’s about the opportunity to raise awareness about our solutions in ways that we never have. I’ve been very active in social media and radio advertising.

Shawn Blick, MD, Phoenix, Arizona - USA

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