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Eliminating the risk of contaminated equipment is vital

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Reusable equipment, such as valves and scopes, can show contamination after reprocessing and may be the source of infections if cleaning, drying, storage, and hand hygiene are inadequate. 

For example, studies show that bacteria, spores, yeast, and/or mold can be found on up to 50% of cleaned valves.1,2 

In addition, reusable scopes can be fragile. Their maintenance can be costly, with frequent repairs and labor-intensive cleaning and sterilization requirements.3,4 

Long guide wires may also pose a risk as their length makes them vulnerable to accidental contact with unclean surfaces.5

Watch as experts discuss a breakthrough in infection prevention

A range of materials, optimized for infection prevention

Our single-use valves and scope systems deliver: 

  • Consistent, predictable performance
  • Guaranteed sterility that eliminates the risk  of cross-contamination
  • Flexibility for night and/or weekend procedures

The Boston Scientific single-use portfolio eliminates duodenoscope reprocessing, servicing, and repairs. It also minimizes the risk of infection, and its associated costs. 

The 260 cm guidewires of the Boston Scientific short wire system eliminate the risk of accidentally touching the floor.

Explore our range of intra-procedural infection prevention products: 

EXALT™ Model D Single-use Duodenoscope

A new, sterile device for each patient, delivered to you with a familiar duodenoscope design and function that forgoes the need for reprocessing.

OrcaTM Valves

Orca Valves are single-use devices that are designed to reduce the risk of infection due to cross-contamination. Additionally, Orca Valves introduce efficiencies by eliminating the need to clean and track valves within the department.

SpyGlass™ DS Direct Visualization System

The SpyGlass™ DS System enables direct visualization of the pancreatic and bile ducts and is used to evaluate suspected indeterminate stricture and for treatment of difficult stones and strictures.

SpyGlass™ Discover Digital Catheter 

The SpyGlass Discover System was adapted from the latest SpyGlass™ DS II technology, to enable surgeons to perform intra-operative: 

  • CBD stone clearance, including trans-cystic lithotripsy, during LCBDE
  • Visual and biopsy-guided mapping of cancer margins during resection of cholangiocarcinoma or MD-IPMN
  • Visualization and therapeutic treatment via percutaneous access 

Autotome™ RX Cannulating Sphincterotome

The Autotome RX Cannulating Sphincterotome provides controlled steerability for positioning to facilitate sphincterotomy.

Facilitating infection prevention in the HPB (hepato-pancreato-biliary) pathway

At Boston Scientific, we understand the array of obstacles you face in ensuring that your patients undergoing ERCP avoid infection. That is why we have developed solutions for every step in the process.

Before a procedure

Facilitate infection prevention and protect patients with risk assessments and single-use, sterile solutions.

After a procedure

Avoid resource-intensive, complex and time-sensitive reprocessing with our portfolio of disposable products.

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