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To be eligible for funding, projects must be in line with the Foundation’s mission to help communities improve their health and well-being by supporting innovative digital health solutions.

Projects may address issues of public interest in disease prevention or management by:

  • Supporting access to care in physical or mental health
  • Improving the health of individuals and communities with unmet needs
  • Facilitating access to prevention and awareness programmes
  • Supporting research programmes aimed at improving prevention or disease management
  • Optimising impact on well-being through innovative solutions and that empower people to connect with digital resources.

Other major humanitarian causes can be taken into consideration on an exceptional basis.

To be eligible organisations must:

  • Be a non-profit organisation (legal status to be provided) based and operating in Europe; or a European non-profit with activities outside the European territory
  • Have a track record of non-profit engagement (activity report to be provided).

In order to receive a grant from Boston Scientific Foundation Europe (BSFE), an organisation must certify that it does not discriminate against its employees based on race, religion, colour, nationality, citizenship, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, mental or physical disability, genetic information or any other class protected by applicable law that requires equal opportunities. It is also necessary to certify that the organisation does not promote, support or practice activities that discriminate against protected classes.

Other eligibility criteria:

  • The project uses digital or innovative solutions. Digital solutions that we may support include, but are not limited to: apps, e-platforms, online learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine-learning, social media, podcasts, tele-health, mobile health, gamification
  • The project can demonstrate a measurable impact on patients
  • The Foundation is supporting at an early stage of the project’s development.

The Foundation will not support:

  • Individuals
  • Political campaigns, fraternal or lobbying groups
  • Projects that interfere with BSC business activities
  • Projects that encourage off-label use of products / devices
  • Requests for staff fees or operational costs of any kind (e.g. event logistics, office equipment such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc.)
  • Activities that are purely promotional
  • Activities that cannot demonstrate a lasting impact or that do not have a long-term digital presence, such as a one-off virtual or face-to-face event. However, the Foundation reserves the right to evaluate this type of request if the content to be delivered is aligned with our strategic focus
  • Funding for business development and marketing (digital acquisition, sales, design, B2B action, trade fairs, recruitment, data analysts, customer acquisition, etc.)

Non-profit organisations interested in applying to Boston Scientific Foundation Europe must complete the online application form and provide the requested documents.

Review process:
Applications are preliminarily assessed by our Review Committee who meet at the beginning of each month. Applications deemed eligible will then be submitted to the Board who review applications on a monthly basis towards the end of each month.

The Foundation Board will make final decisions on the award of grants and there is no guarantee that a grant will be awarded. The process from submission until Board decision can take an average of two months. Applicants will be informed of the Board’s decision via email.