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WATCHMAN Technology

The WATCHMAN Left Atrial Appendage Closure Technology is a device based solution designed to be permanently implanted at or slightly distal to the ostium (opening) of the left atrial appendage (LAA) to trap blood clots before they exit the LAA. The WATCHMAN LAA Closure Technology is a three part system consisting of a transseptal access sheath, a delivery catheter and an implantable device.

WATCHMAN LAA Closure Device

The WATCHMAN Device is a self-expanding nitinol frame structure with fixation barbs and a permeable polyester fabric that covers the atrial facing surface of the device. The device is preloaded within a delivery catheter. The WATCHMAN Device is available in 5 sizes to accommodate the unique anatomy of each patient's LAA.

Watchman LAA Closure Device

WATCHMAN Access Sheath

The WATCHMAN Access Sheath is utilised to gain access into the LAA and serves as a conduit for the delivery catheter. The Access Sheath is available in both a single curve (90 degree angle) and double curve distal tip configuration.

Watchman Single and Double Curves

The WATCHMAN™ LAA Closure Technology is CE Marked and is currently available For Investigational Use Only in the United States.

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