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WATCHMAN Procedure

The WATCHMAN LAA Closure Device placement procedure may be done under local or general anaesthesia in a catherisation laboratory setting using a standard transseptal technique. The procedure usually lasts about an hour and the patient is typically in the hospital for 24 hours following the procedure.

Click on animation below to view the WATCHMAN LAA Closure Procedure:

WATCHMAN device is placed at the opening of the LAA A transoesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) is performed to measure the LAA to determine which size WATCHMAN Device to be implanted. After the inter-atrial septum is crossed using a standard transseptal access system, the WATCHMAN Access Sheath and Dilator are advanced over a guidewire into the left atrium. The Access Sheath is then carefully advanced into the distal portion of the LAA over a pigtail catheter. The WATCHMAN Delivery System is prepped, inserted into the Access Sheath, and slowly advanced under fluoroscopic guidance. The WATCHMAN Device is then deployed into the LAA. The device release criteria are confirmed via fluoroscopy and prior to releasing the Device.

The WATCHMAN™ LAA Closure Technology is CE Marked and is currently available For Investigational Use Only in the United States.

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