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1970 -1979

  • Cooper Scientific is founded by John Abele and Cooper Labs; it acquires Medi-tech
  • Scimed, later acquired by Boston Scientific, is founded by six entrepreneurs from Litton Industries; it specializes in oxygenators and other devices for cardiovascular surgery.
  • Schneider Medintag AG, later acquired by Boston Scientific, is founded in Switzerland.

  • Using a Schneider balloon catheter, Gruentzig performs the first PTCA in a human.

  • John Abele lectures on early balloon catheters at Harvard Medical School.
  • Pete Nicholas meets John Abele. The two form a partnership to acquire and grow Medi-tech.
Additional Information
“It's interesting to look back at how we originally characterized who Boston Scientific was, what we did, what was important. It hasn't changed a bit, that's because the values are timeless ones: people, passion, commitment, conviction, integrity and a focus on patients.”

Founder, Director and Chairman of the Board

“When we started out, the potential of less-invasive medicine to reduce risk, trauma, cost, time and aftercare was not obvious to many. But anytime someone challenges the established way of doing things, it's not welcomed right away. You have to be patient. We're still trying to convert marketplaces all over the world and in many different specialties. We're doing it with one goal in mind: providing benefits to doctors, to patients and, frankly, to society overall.”

Founder, Director