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Uphold™ Vaginal Support System

Mesh only where it’s needed.

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Product Information

The Uphold Vaginal Support System is an Intra-Vaginal approach to apical and anterior prolapse that utilizes a small incision and mesh only where it’s needed, and is designed to reduce the risk of erosion.

Level I & II Support
The Uphold Mesh is designed to provide Level I support at the vaginal apex, while also providing Level II support where a concomitant cystocele may likely occur.

Anterior Sacrospinous Approach
The Uphold Vaginal Support System is designed with an anterior sacrospinous approach to help improve vaginal depth.

A Technique to Avoid Mesh Overlapping the Incision Line
The Uphold procedural techniques are designed using a small incision, leaving approximately 2 cm undisturbed at the vaginal apex, that may reduce the risk of erosion.

Device Illustration

Uphold Mesh

Device Highlights

Blue Centering Line
The blue centering line is designed to improve visual orientation of material.

Mesh Leg Assembly
Automatically throw and place the Mesh Leg Assembly in one step. Adjustability of the Mesh Leg Assembly is designed to provide precision control of mesh placement.

Lead Dilator Transition
The dilator opens the sacrospinous ligament to facilitate smooth passage of the leg into position

Leader Loop
Facilitates precise mesh leg placement

Separator Weld
Aids access to a single lead for efficient trimming and removal of the protective sleeve

Polyform® Synthetic Mesh
The Uphold Mesh Assembly utilizes the Polyform Mesh, which is made from uncoated monofilament macroporous Polypropylene.

Capio® Suture Capturing Device (Open Access)
  • Designed to extend your reach into deep, difficult-to-access cavities for precise placement within a small incision
  • Increase procedural control by eliminating the need for trocar passes, and offering a completely intra-vaginal approach

Reimbursement (Physician & Facility)

  • Click here to view Uphold Coding & Reimbursement Guide.
  • Click here to view all Gynecology coding & reimbursement content.

Additional Information

Caution: Federal (U.S.) law restricts this device to the sale by or on the order of a physician. Refer to package insert provided with the product for complete Instructions for Use including Indications for Use, Contraindications, Adverse Events, Warnings, and Precautions prior to using this product.

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Capio® Suture Capturing Device Mesh Only Where It’s Needed The Uphold™ Mesh Assembly The Uphold™ Vaginal Support System

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