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  • Call Boston Scientific at 1-866-484-3268 for answers to questions about your LATITUDE system.
  • Always check with your healthcare provider for any questions about your unique medical condition.


What is the LATITUDE® Patient Management system and how does it work?

From the comfort of your home, the LATITUDE Communicator collects information from your Boston Scientific implanted cardiac device, and additional equipment from the wireless weight scale and blood pressure cuff if prescribed. It sends the information over a standard phone line based on a schedule set by your healthcare team.


The information received from the Communicator is stored on a secure website. Your device doctor and other healthcare providers can view the information on the website.

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Will I feel anything?

You won't feel a thing when your device is being checked or while the information is being sent to your healthcare team. The Communicator only reads information from your device and cannot change your device settings, so don't worry about pushing the wrong button.

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How long will the transmission take?

The first remote monitoring session may take a few minutes— especially the first time the Communicator interrogates your implanted device. The amount of time taken for the interrogation depends on the amount of information on your device.


What if I am away for my scheduled transmission?

  • For wireless Communicator patients, your Communicator is designed to connect wirelessly to your system. If you are not nearby at your scheduled interrogation time, the Communicator will connect when you are back within range.
  • For wanded Communicator patients, the Action Button will continue to blink until you are able to complete the scheduled interrogation.

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What do I do when the Communicator’s Action Button blinks?

You should press the blinking Action Button and follow the instructions on the screen. The Action Button will light or flash whenever there are messages or instructions you need to follow.

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What do I need to do if I get my implanted device replaced?

If you receive a newly implanted device you may also receive a new LATITUDE Communicator. This Communicator may be different from your current LATITUDE Communicator. Call Boston Scientific Patient Services at 1-866-484-3268 if you have any questions about your LATITUDE equipment.

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What if I only have a cell phone?

The Communicator is designed to operate on standard analog telephone lines like those found in most homes and requires an analog phone jack. Discounts for basic phone service may be available to you.

For more information about telephone assistance plans in your area, call your local telephone company or visit If you do not have access to a compatible phone line, contact your clinic.

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Can I use the Communicator with digital phone service?

The Communicator is designed to operate on standard analog telephone lines like those found in most homes.

The Communicator will work with a digital service line (DSL), if you have a DSL filter.

However, the Communicator may work with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service if there is an analog phone jack available for connecting the Communicator. Call Boston Scientific Patient Services at 1-866-484-3268 if you have any questions about connections with the Communicator over digital phone lines.

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Will the system interfere with my phone or other equipment (such as Life Alert, computer, and digital video recorder services [TiVO])?

If you have other telephone equipment (including a fax machine, answering system, or computer modem) connected to the same phone line and the line is in use, the Communicator will wait and attempt to place a call later. If you pick up the phone while the Communicator is using the telephone line, the Communicator will disconnect and a dial tone will be restored. The Communicator will attempt to reconnect later.

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What if I get a phone call while my Communicator is transmitting my information?

If the Communicator is in the process of calling or communicating with the server and an outside call comes into your home, the Communicator will not stop to let the incoming call come through. The caller will receive a busy signal.

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What if the electrical power is interrupted?

The Communicator has internal memory that stores your data in case the electrical power is interrupted or the power adapter is unplugged. A message appears when the power is restored to the Communicator, asking if you want to check the installation.

  • Select "No" if the Communicator wasn't unplugged.
  • Select "Yes" if the Communicator was unplugged and follow the check installation instructions.


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Can I travel with my Communicator? Do I have to take it with me?

You can use your Communicator away from home if you will be gone for an extended period (within the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii). However, you should consult your doctor before planning travel for an extended period, with or without your Communicator.

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