Enteral Access

Boston Scientific's EndoVive™ Enteral Access products represent endoscopic accessibility to feed and provide nutrition to patients who do not have the ability to feed by mouth.
EndoVive Initial Placements EndoVive Through-the-PEG (TTP) Jejunal Feeding Tube EndoVive Gastrostomy Tubes
Our cost-effective kits provide enteral feeding in one initial procedure accommodating button and PEG standard and safety tube kits. Designed for placement directly into the jejunum utilizing an existing Standard PEG Kit and Resolution™ Clip Device. Engineered to offer the deflation characteristics of a balloon for insertion and removal that may be more comfortable for the patient.
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EndoVive Initial Placements

Initial placements provide accessibility to the stomach to allow for tube feeding by way of the One-Step Button™ Gastrostomy Device and the Standard and Safety PEG Devices.

One-Step Button Gastrostomy Device 

Initial Placement of the One Step Button, Presented by Dr. Brendan Campbell ›

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Standard Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Kit 

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Safety Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Device 

Initial Placement of a Standard
PEG Device, Presented by Dr. John C. Fang ›

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EndoVive TTP Jejunal Feeding Tube

Jejunal Feeding is for those patients who can't feed by the stomach, instead relying on direct to jejunum feeding. Our J-Tube includes a suture for attachment to the jejunum by utilizing the Resolution Clip Device.

EndoVive TTP Jejunal Feeding Tube 

Anchoring the J-Tube with the Resolution Clip Device, Presented by Dr. J. Robert Evans ›

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EndoVive Gastrostomy Tubes

Boston Scientific offers a standard straight G-Tube as well as a Right Angle Bolster Option to be less obtrusive and may be more comfortable for the patient.

EndoVive Gastrostomy Tubes 

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Standard PEG Kit ›

Safety PEG Kit ›



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