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Product Catalog

pulmonary Pulmonary Endoscopy
Includes: Retrieval Baskets, Stents, Biopsy Forceps, CRE Pulmonary Balloon Dilators, Cytology Brushes, Guidewires, Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty System, Transbronchial Aspiration Needles View PDF»
biliary Biliary Devices
Includes: Biliary WallFlex™ Metal Stents; WallFlex Biliary RX Metal Stents; Advanix™ Biliary Plastic Stent, Flexima™ Biliary Plastic Stent; and NaviFlex™ RX Delivery System; RX stone and stricture management. View PDF»
biliary access Biliary Access
Includes: Biliary Cannulas, Guidewires, RX Preloaded Sphincterotomes, RX Accessories View PDF»
dilation Dilation
Includes: CRE Fixed Wire and Wireguided Balloon Dilators (indicated for use in the DASE procedure), MaxForce TTS High Performance Balloon Dilatation Catheter, Dilation Accessories, Inflation Systems, Alliance™ II Inflation System, RigiFlex™ II Single Use Balloon Dilators View PDF»
biopsy Biopsy
Includes: Radial Jaw 4 Standard Capacity Single-Use Biopsy Forceps, Radial Jaw 4 Single-Use HOT Biopsy Forceps, Multibite Single-Use Multiple Sample Biopsy Forceps, Radial Jaw 3 Single-Use Max Capacity Biopsy Forceps View PDF»
eus-fna EUS–FNA
Includes: Expect Endoscopic Ultrasound Aspiration Needles, 19ga Flex Endoscopic Ultrasound Aspiration Needle View PDF»
enteral access Enteral Access
EndoVive™ Enteral Access Devices Includes: Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Devices such as Initial Placement Gastrostomy Devices, One-Step Button™ Low Profile PEG Kits, Jejunal Feeding Tube Devices, Standard Balloon Replacement Gastrostomy Tubes (with Straight and Right Angle bolsters), and Accessories View PDF»
tissue resection Tissue Resection and Retrieval
Includes: Captiflex™, Captivator™, Captivator II, Profile™, Rotatable and Sensation™ Single-Use Snares, TWISTER® PLUS Rotatable Retrieval Device View PDF»
hemostasis Hemostasis
Includes: Resolution™ Clip Device, Bipolar Electrohemostasis Catheters, Electrosurgical Bipolar Cable Adapter, Generator, Multible Band Ligators, Needles View PDF»
spyglass SpyGlass Direct Visualization System
Includes: Capital Equipment, Optional Accessories, Disposible and Reusable Equipment View PDF»
stents Stents (Enteral and Esophageal)
Includes: Colonic Stents, Duodenal Stents, Esophageal Stents View PDF»
Terms and Conditions Terms & Conditions
View PDF»

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CRE, Alliance, Alair, WallFlex, Advanix, Flexima, NaviFlex, MaxForce TTS, RigiFlex, Radial Jaw, Multibite, Expect, Resolution, EndoVive, One-Step Button, Captiflex, Captivator, Profile, Sensation and SpyGlass are registered or unregistered trademarks of Boston Scientific Corporation or its affiliates.


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