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Tissue Resection Device

Compatible with your existing gynecologic surgery instrumentation, Resectr is a versatile and cost-effective polypectomy tool for a variety of surgical settings. See how Resectr gives you control without added complexity or costs.

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Resecting blade positioned to OPEN the Resection Window

Resecting blade positioned to CLOSE the Resection Window

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Quantity
R5-3X Resectr™ Disposable Tissue Resector
1.65mm / 5 French OD, 5mm window, and 36cm Long Cannula
1 box (3 units)
R9-3X Resectr™ Disposable Tissue Resector
3mm / 9 French OD, 7.5mm window, and 36cm Long Cannula
1 box (3 units)