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Bare-Metal Coronary Stent System


Product Detail

Product Information

  • The VeriFLEX stent design incorporates several unique elements to balance forces and improve performance.
  • Thin struts - 0.0038" - contribute to exceptional system flexibility and stent conformability.*
  • Uniform cell distribution & small open cell area allow for consistent vessel coverage and support.
  • Exceptionally low tip and crossing profiles provide enhanced trackability and improved crossability.
  • Minimal recoil in bench testing.*

*Bench testing performed by Boston Scientific Corporation. Data on file. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

Size Matrix

    Stent Length
    8mm 12mm 15mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 23mm 24mm 28mm 32mm
Stent Diameter 2.75mm X X   X   X   X X X
3.00mm X X   X   X   X X X
3.50mm X X   X   X   X X X
4.00mm X X   X   X   X X X
4.50mm   X   X   X   X X X
5.00mm           X   X X X
  X = Available Sizes

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