Clinical Trial Information

Exceptional Safety and Efficacy

Effective Drug and Polymer Combination

The PROMUS ElementTM Stent System utilizes the market-leading everolimus drug and fluorinated copolymer.

  • Powerful neointimal suppressor
  • Low drug load
  • 100% drug elution in 120 days*

PLATINUM Clinical Trial Program

  • Numerically lower event rates at 4 years**
  • Significantly less vessel straightening
  • Significantly less bail out stenting
  • Significantly less incomplete stent apposition§

Workhorse Trial: 4-Year Results

  • Relative Risk Reduction (ID-TLR)
  • Continued Low Event Rates at 4 Years

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Small Vessel Trial: 2-Year Results

  • 0.0% ARC ST (Def/Prob)
  • 0.0% MI
  • 2.5% ID-TLR

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Long Lesion Trial: 2-Year Results

  • 0% ARC ST (Def/Prob)
  • 0% TV-MI

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QCA Study

  • 83% Reduction in Post Procedure Incomplete Stent Apposition
  • 0% Late Incomplete Stent Apposition

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