Indications, Safety and Warnings

Indications for Use

The device is indicated for diagnostic evaluation of patients who experience transient symptoms such as; dizziness, palpitations, syncope, or chest pain. The device is intended to record cardiac activity associated with these infrequent and transient symptoms. Once data is recorded, patients transmit the recorded ECG data over the telephone or directly to a host PC for review by a licensed technician.


  1. Observe local laws for disposal of alkaline batteries.
  2. Do not leave the batteries in the monitor when it is not in use. Damage from corrosion could result.
  3. Patient should be instructed to avoid close proximity to heavy electrical equipment or other sources of electromagnetic interference.
  4. Use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended.
  5. Monitor is not for infant use.


  1. Never allow the monitor to get wet. By doing so the integrity of the unit and speaker may be compromised.
  2. Never allow the electrode feet to come into contact with any power source. The electrode feet are made of stainless steel and can conduct electricity that can cause an electrical shock.
  3. When you press the EVENT button to record an event, remain as still as possible to minimize the amount of muscle artifact in the ECG.