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Advantage Fit™

Transvaginal Mid-Urethral Sling System

The Advantage Fit System features a 46% thinner shaft and 17% tighter curve are intended to reduce insertion force and leave the tape closer to the pubic bone1. Available with Advantage™ clear mesh or Advantage Blue mesh.

Key Resources

Product Brochure Indications, Safety and Warnings



Product Details

Advantage Fit™ Mesh Assembly

Centering Tab

  • Allows for proper alignment of the center of the mesh under the urethra
  • Allows the physician to apply counter tension to the sling while preserving the mesh integrity

Blue Dilator

  • To improve visualization during cystoscopy


Delivery Device

Delivery Device Handle

  • Ergonomic handle fits into physician's hand allowing for ambidextrous use

Curved Needle Tip

  • 2.7mm curve is designed to place the mesh closer to the pubic bone and further away from critical structures1


  • Delivery device has been designed with a pusher for ergonomic finger placement that provides the user with greater needle stability and control during delivery

De-Tanged Polypropylene Material

  • Designed to Reduce Irritation. The polypropylene mesh is de-tanged in the suburethral portion to potentially reduce irritation to the urethral wall.


  • Resists Deformation The suburethral portion of the mesh is de-tanged to resist deformation.


Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Quantity
850212 M0068502120 Advantage Fit Blue System Single Unit
850211 M0068502110 Advantage Fit System Single Unit

Each System includes One (1) Delivery Device and One (1) Mesh Assembly


Procedural Videos

Advantage Fit™ Blue System Procedural Video
Watch a step-by-step placement of the Advantage Fit™ Blue Transvaginal Sling System

Advantage Fit™ System Procedural Video with Dr. Steinberg
Watch a step-by-step placement of the Advantage Fit™ Transvaginal Sling System



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1 As compared to Advantage™ Transvaginal Mid-Urethral Sling