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Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device

The WATCHMAN Implant is a safe alternative to long-term warfarin therapy which offers comparable stroke risk reduction and enables patients to stop taking warfarin.

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WATCHMAN is a one-time implant that is proven to reduce all-cause stroke risk among non-valvular AF patients comparably to long-term warfarin.

proximal face proximal face
10 active fixation anchors 10 active fixation anchors
intra-LAA design intra-LAA design

The WATCHMAN Implant procedure usually lasts about an hour and the patient is typically in the hospital for 24 hours.    

In clinical trial, 92% of patients stopped taking warfarin once and for all 45 days after the procedure.1

WATCHMAN is the only FDA-approved LAAC device that safely and effectively reduces stroke risk in patients long-term. With a  95% implant success rate, WATCHMAN is the most studied LAAC device in the world and is the only device with long-term efficacy and safety data from both randomized clinical trials and multi-center registries.

1 Holmes, DR et al. JACC 2014; 64(1):1-12.

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WATCHMAN Implanting Centers

If you have a patient who may be a candidate for receiving the WATCHMAN Device, use this tool to find a trained implanter in your area.

Patient Experiences

Hear AF patients discuss how the WATCHMAN Device has changed their lives.

Physician Experiences

Dr. Vivek Reddy describes how the WATCHMAN Device impacts his AF patients.

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