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High Performance Guidewire

The NovaGold High Performance Guidewire is an .018” guidewire that provides a Triton™ Alloy Core for durability and a radiopaque tip for visibility.


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Product Details

The NovaGold High Performance Guidewire is intended for use in selective cannulation of the biliary ducts, including the common bile, pancreatic, cystic, right and left hepatic ducts, and to aid in the placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices during endoscopic procedures.

  • The Triton™ Alloy Core provides a durable wire for working with accessory devices. The stiffness of the wire makes it pushable yet flexible for loading and rail support through the scope to facilitate device exchange.
  • The 6cm atraumatic tip provides flexibility needed to access the pancreatico-biliary system.
  • The radiopaque guidewire tip is designed to help confirm location within the duct under fluoroscopy.

Available in both short-wire and long-wire lengths to accommodate physician preference.

Steerability enables maneuverability for cannulation and working in tortuous anatomy. 


Ordering Information

NovaGold Guidewire Illustration NovaGold Guidewire Illustration

GTIN Order Number Guidewire Diameter (inches) Guidewire Length (cm) Tip Packaging
08714729854418 M00552001 .018 260 Straight (Shapeable) Box of 2
08714729854425 M00552011 .018 480 Straight (Shapeable) Box of 2



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