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The IDC-18 Soft Interlocking Detachable Coil is designed to offer precision and control with a soft design for tight packing, nesting, and finishing in coil embolization procedures. Compatible with 0.021" lumen microcatheters, the 0.018" bare microcoil system is beneficial especially in complex and distal peripheral vasculature, and the soft design reduces risk of kickback on the catheter. The interlocking arms allow the coil to be advanced and retracted before final placement, for security in embolization procedures.

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Product Details

Simple Detachment via Interlocking Arms - No Handle Required

The interlocking connection is a simple coupling that remains attached while inside the lumen of the catheter. Detachment of the coil requires no additional devices, simply a push outside of the catheter.

IDC-18 Soft Coil IDC-18 Soft Coil

Deploy coil

Detachment Mechanism Detachment Mechanism

Push coil outside of the catheter

Detachment Mechanism Detachment Mechanism

Detachment of coil requires no additional devices


Soft Coil Design
  • Thin wire and soft primary coil wind
  • Designed for smooth, tight nesting of the coil, and reduced risk of catheter kickback, for delicate and accurate finishing during vessel embolization

Precise Placement
  • Interlocking arms offer ability to retract and reposition before detaching, for precise placement

Familiar Technology with Clinical Versatility
  • Same detachment mechanism and microcatheter compatibility as Interlock18, designed to be delivered through a 0.021 in inner lumen microcatheter [0.53 mm] such as the Direxion small-lumen microcatheter
  • Range of sizes (from extra small 2mm x 2cm to long) to facilitate use in extra small peripheral vessels, delicate finishing needs, and for tight packing in large aneurysms


Case Study

Embolization for High-Flow Priapism

A 24-year-old man, presenting symptoms from perineal impalement from a skateboard injury, received endovascular treatment of high-flow priapism.

Case performed by Mark Hortvath, DO, and Daniel Locascio, MS, MD from University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida


Ordering Information

IDC-18 Soft Embolization Coils

UPN Description Diameter (mm) length (cm) Shape
M0033612020 IDC-18 Soft 2 2 Soft
M0013612040 IDC-18 Soft 2 4 Soft
M0013613060 IDC-18 Soft 3 6 Soft
M0013613100 IDC-18 Soft 3 10 Soft
M0013614040 IDC-18 Soft 4 4 Soft
M0013614080 IDC-18 Soft 4 8 Soft
M0013614120 IDC-18 Soft 4 12 Soft
M0013615080 IDC-18 Soft 5 8 Soft
M0013615120 IDC-18 Soft 5 12 Soft

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