TruePath - CTO Case 2: Anterior Tibial

Anterior Tibial

  • 60-year-old male, current smoker, hyperlipidemia
  • Previous failed attempt with standard guidewire technology
  • Right 65 mm anterior tibial
  • 0.018" QuickCross™ Support Catheter

Crossing the Proximal Cap

  • TruePath™ Device is shaped*
  • Multiple angiographic views confirm TruePath tip placement prior to activation
  • The TruePath Device is advanced with gentle forward pressure
  • Proximal cap is successfully crossed and TruePath Device is deactivated
  • Support catheter is advanced over device tip

Successful Lesion Crossing

  • The TruePath Device is advanced gradually through the true lumen
  • Support catheter is advanced over the TruePath Device

Final Result

  • After successful crossing of the lesion, angioplasty is completed and flow is restored
*As necessary. Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary. Images provided by Dierk Scheinert, MD.