TruePath - CTO Case 4: Restenosed Femoral Artery

Restenosed Femoral Artery

  • 48-year-old woman, hypertension
  • Previous PTA/stenting procedure 34 months prior
  • Two 120 mm nitinol stents

TruePath™ CTO Device Crossing the Lesion

TruePath Device successfully crossing through 250 mm of restenosed stents

Advancing the Support Catheter

  • 0.018" support catheter was advanced behind the device for support

Cryoplasty™ Therapy

  • Cryoplasty Therapy used after debulking lesion

Final Result

  • Flow restored after debulking and Cryoplasty Therapy

Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary. Images provided by Surendra Avula, MD.