TruePath - CTO Case 1: SFA


  • 67-year-old male, previous smoker
  • Previous failed attempt with standard guidewire technology
  • Hard, calcified proximal cap, 40 mm lesion
  • 0.018" QuickCross™ Support Catheter

Crossing the Proximal Cap

  • Apply minimal pressure, allowing the TruePath™ CTO Device drill to do the work

Debulking and Cryoplasty™ Therapy

Atherectomy is followed by Cryoplasty Therapy

Successful Crossing

  • Fluoroscopy confirms successful crossing with the TruePath Device

Final Result

Flow restored with good angiographic result
Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary. Images provided by Stephen Williams, MD. Glow 'N Tell™ Tape is property of LeMaitre Vascular.