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Balloon Catheters

The QUANTUM MAVERICK Balloon Catheter provides a unique balance of dilatation force and exceptional deliverability to meet the needs of the interventional cardiologist in the drug-eluting world.

Product Detail

Product Information

  • Two high performance technologies – QUANTUM™ LEAP™ Balloon Material and our MAVERICK® Catheter shaft platform - unite in the QUANTUM MAVERICK Balloon Catheter to provide a high dilatation force balloon with exceptional deliverability
  • Laser bonded MAVERICK Catheter shaft technology designed to improve trackability and crossability through low profiles, smooth transitions and superb flexibility
  • TrakTip™ Design and Selective Cone Thinning intended to provide exceptional tip flexibility
  • QUANTUM LEAP Balloon Material provides Hinge™ Balloon Compliance and lower growth at high pressures
  • Broad size selection allows for more precise dilatation.


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