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Cardiac Stimulator

The MicroPace STIMLAB™ Dual Touch Stimulation system offers the first effective bedside stimulator display and touch screen controller, displaying all stimulator settings and allowing adjustment of all basic stimulator parameters by the scrubbed physician.

Key Resources

Directions for Use Electrophysiology Products Catalog Indications, Safety and Warnings


Product Details

Cardiac Stimulator System with Dual Touch Screen Control...from the company you can trust

The flexible bedside controller may be mounted on an optional wheeled stand or placed on a trolley and hot-connected or disconnected for stowage with a single heavy duty connector. It may also be permanently mounted on an adjustable arm or on the x-ray display gantry via a standard VESA mount. Suitable Sterile elasticized covers are available.

Now, 5 more compelling reasons to upgrade your aging stimulator

  • Verify stimulator settings at all times.
  • Enhance communications with stimulating staff.
  • Train new staff on-the-run during live cases.
  • Control stimulator if need to — without breaking scrub.
  • Bedside heads-up display of cardiac stimulator settings.

Rapid, Flexible Cardiac Stimulation as you never had before

  • Multi-user Management
  • Bedside Touch Screen
  • Compact Hardware
  • Quick Connector


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