The Symphion™ System

What Makes it Unique?

The Symphion Tissue Removal System is an efficient and effective way for your doctor to remove certain types of uterine fibroids – also known as myomas – and polyps. The Symphion System is the only hysteroscopic tissue removal device to use RF energy to detach and remove unwanted tissue. It provides you with a minimally invasive alternative to open surgery, laparoscopy or a hysterectomy. There are no incisions or cuts to your body, helping to shorten the recovery time.


How Does the Symphion System Work?

Step 1 of the symphion system Step 1 of the symphion system

Your doctor carefully inserts a thin, lighted hysteroscope into your vagina, through your cervix, and into your uterine cavity to see inside. Room-temperature saline flows through the hysteroscope to help your doctor clearly see any unwanted tissue to be removed.

Step 1 of the symphion system Step 1 of the symphion system

A slender tissue removal device is passed through the hysteroscope, allowing your doctor to remove unwanted tissue without the use of blades or mechanical cutting.

Step 3 of the symphion system Step 3 of the symphion system

When the procedure is complete, both the hysteroscope and the tissue removal device will be gently removed from your body.

Procedures are typically performed on an outpatient basis and you will go home the same day. Recovery tends to be about two weeks for most women.


Why choose the Symphion System?

Minimally invasive option

  • No incisions
  • No mechanical blades and no cutting
  • Local anesthesia
  • Short recovery time
  • Minimal trauma to the uterus 


Discover the Minimally Invasive Alternative

For more information about a hysteroscopic procedure using the Symphion System, explore the Symphion System product page and please consult your physician.