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Access Device: Dilatation (3)
Access Device: Sheath (3)
  • Clear Renal Sheath

    Clear Renal Sheath facilitates visualization of calculi surrounding the sheath.

  • Amplatz Type Renal Sheaths

    Amplatz Type Renal Sheaths are firm renal sheaths designed to allow smooth passage of surgical instruments into the nephrostomy tract.

  • Navigator™ HD Ureteral Access Sheath

    Provides ureteral dilation and working channel for the introduction of ureteroscopes and devices during ureteroscopic procedures.

  • Navigator™ Ureteral Access Sheath

    Designed for easier, less traumatic scope manipulation during ureteroscopy. The ureteral access sheath is designed to protect ureter during repeated instrument exchanges during ureteroscopy.

Antiretropulsion (3)
  • BackStop™ Antiretropulsion Device

    A reverse-thermosensitive gel that forms a plug in the ureter to prevent stone migration during lithotripsy, making stone cases more predictable.

Guidewires (3)
Laser Fibers & Accessories (3)
Lasers & Lithotripsy (3)
PCNL (3)
  • PCNL Introducer Sets

    Access needle sets to facilitate access into the renal pelvis for PCNL procedures.

  • PCNL Kits

    Convenient kits for PCNL access and drainage.

Retrieval Devices (3)
Stents: Ureteral (3)