Healthcare Solutions

Partnering to solve healthcare challenges through supply chain optimization

Our supply chain optimization programs offer a strategic approach and include a range of services to help healthcare providers improve operational efficiencies and implement cost-saving measures. 


To learn more, contact your Boston Scientific sales representative and read this interview with Bryan Gilpin, director of supply chain solutions at Boston Scientific. 

Brian talks about how working with healthcare providers has changed, how supply chain initiatives are helping hospitals, and how Boston Scientific can make a difference. 

Q. What are some of the changes you are seeing in the healthcare provider supply chain?

Managing costs isn’t new, but as providers prepare to operate in a changing healthcare environment, they’ve been working to better understand those costs. At the same time, they've been looking for ways to reduce spending without impacting patient care, and in many cases make improvements to managing a patient’s care and overall experience.

The Affordable Care Act has been a driving force in providers wanting more from their suppliers, and device manufacturers are an important part of the equation. Providers are looking for suppliers that are willing to work with them – to be true collaborators – to develop solutions that can help them deliver the best quality care at the lowest possible cost.