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As a global market leader in urology, Boston Scientific has a unique window into many clinical-care facilities, and we are committed to sharing best practices in an effort to improve operational efficiency and quality of care for patients worldwide. Our research shows that OR Leaders continue to seek ways to optimize their performance throughout the entire fURS perioperative pathway. To address this, Boston Scientific has created a new resource, OR Connect: Efficiencies.

Whitepaper: Best Practices to Improve Workflow Efficiency and Quality in fURS Procedures

Boston Scientific has partnered with Andrew Portis, MD, and his OR Team, Barb Olson, RN, and Susanne Neises, RN, CPHQ, of Healtheast St. Joseph Hospital and Kidney Stone Institute to learn about their uniquely efficient perioperative processes around flexible ureteroscopy procedures. 

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Drivers that caused Healtheast to embark on quality initiatives
  • General wisdom on how Healtheast approached efficiency improvements
  • Real-life examples of Healtheast’s workflow changes and how they improved their quality of patient care

Infographic: Critical Success Factors for Maximizing Perioperative Efficiencies in Ureteroscopy

Excellence means more than operational improvements. Download our infographic to learn about the ten critical success factors that contribute to Healtheast’s OR efficiency.

Download Infographic

Infographic: Healtheast Care System’s Best Practices for Perioperative Efficiency in Ureteroscopy

Timing is everything. Heatheast’s Workflow Spotlight will help showcase best practices for moving a patient through the perioperative pathway for ureteroscopy without sacrificing quality of care.

Download Infographic

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