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Product Details

Accurate Targeting

The Vercise DBS system is carefully designed to maximize opportunities for placement success, with 8 contact span, durable leads, and a strong, secure hold to maintain therapy over time.

Best of Span and Spacing1
Vercise Lead with 15.5mm span with tight 8 contact spacing is designed to provide maximum span for targeting desired neural elements.

Unmatched Durability
Smooth polished leads with robust multi-lumen construction and a dedicated anchoring mechanism to maintain electrode integrity are designed to deliver consistent therapy over time.
Vercise DBS product details

Strong and Secure Hold

SureTekTM burr hole cover provides stable and secure design with retention grooves for additional anchoring of the leads to ensure they remain in the desired target.

Lead Specifications

With the Boston Scientific lead, you do not have to choose between span and spacing.

Vercise DBS lead comparison
Reference: Medtronic DBS 3387/3389 Lead Kit Manual, 1998

Vercise DBS physician product details

Precise Control

Unlike conventional DBS systems that use pacemaker technology, Vercise DBS is rooted in cochlear implant technology for more precise control suited to the specific needs of the brain.

Powered by Multiple Independent Current Control Technology (MICC), Vercise DBS allows for refinement of the size and shape of the stimulation field to customize therapy for individual patients.

Deliver and Manage Intended Therapy

  • Impedance changes occur acutely, chronically, appreciably and most of all, unpredictably.2 With 16 independent, dedicated power sources, the Vercise™ DBS System automatically adjusts for impedance changes to provide accurate, sustained stimulation over time.

Options and Flexibility to Maintain Changing Needs

  • Current Steering in fine increments with MICC designed to precisely define the size and shape of stimulation is designed to manage the changing needs of disease progression.
  • Broader parameter space with lower pulse widths allows for a wider therapeutic window.

Vercise DBS patient, product details

Patient Focus

Vercise DBS was designed to maximize patient comfort and minimize future surgical interventions. 

IPG Size and Shape

  • 11mm thin, 33g light, and gently contoured, the Vercise IPG is designed to enhance cosmesis and minimize skin erosion.

Battery Longevity

  • Zero-Volt™ technology uses a specialized battery chemistry engineered to maintain capacity and resist corrosion during repeat charge and recharge cycles.
  • Extended battery life helps reduce surgical interventions  and risk associated with replacement procedures. 
  • No longer make trade-offs between optimal therapy settings and battery conservation.

Wireless Externals

  • Designed for patient comfort and ease of use, the Vercise DBS wireless charging system provides visual and audio cues during charging and also allows range of motion while doing so.
  • The Vercise™ remote control has a 45cm communication range and, should you want your patients to adjust stimulation, is designed for ease of use.


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