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Approved for Prostatic Artery Embolization, Boston Scientific products offer you a safe and effective way to offer your patients a minimally invasive solution for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.
Boston Scientific PAE portfolio

Why Choose Boston Scientific for your PAE Procedures?

Boston Scientific provides a full portfolio of products designed to meet the specific needs of challenging PAE cases.

  • Flexible access. Boston Scientific catheters and guidewires can be used with either radial or femoral approaches.
  • Best in class torquability. Turn for turn torque improves your ability to navigate tortuous prostatic anatomy and get where you need to be.
  • Precisely calibrated microspheres. With 95% of microspheres within their stated size range, you can count on improved control.

Explore our PAE portfolio

Embozene microspheres

Embozene™ Microspheres

  • Precisely calibrated for greater control and confidence.
  • Unique colored spheres allow for improved visualization in suspension.
  • Maintains suspension without clumping for improved deliverability.
  • Indications, Safety and Warnings

Direxion™ Torqueable Microcatheters

  • Delivers unrivaled torqueability while maintaining excellent trackability, flexibility and pushability. 
  • Diverse tip shapes and lengths required to facilitate access to challenging and distal treatment sites.
  • Indications, Safety & Warnings
Direxion™ Torqueable Microcatheters

Fathom™ Steerable Guidewires

  • Turn-for-turn torque enhances maneuverability in torturous prostatic vessels. 
  • Trans Radial Options- 200 and 215cm lengths.. 
  • Pre-shaped and shape-able tips.
  • Indications, Safety & Warnings

Interlock Coils

  • Interlock's broad range of sizes, shapes, and catheter compatability provide multiple options to prevent embolic reflux.
  • Unique coil within a coil technology paired with thrombosis-enhancing fibers offer superior thrombogenicity.
  • Indications, Safety & Warnings
Interlock coils

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