I want to enhance patient experience.

Customized tools help elevate your patients’ experience before, during and after their procedure—leading to increased education, engagement, and adherence.


Deliver digital heart health management

Support patients with interaction and personalized education and guidance beyond the walls of care delivery to:

  • • Improve quality outcomes
  • • Extend the reach of staff
  • • Strengthen your brand

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Increasing PCI therapy awareness and patient access

Through customizable in-market materials and resources, Complex PCI Operators can reach potential PCI candidates in their local market as well as establish and strengthen referral networks between physicians to ensure appropriate patient referral practices.

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Educating and Empowering Potential PCI Patients

As patients become more complex, Boston Scientific is dedicated to ensuring candidates for PCI know their options. Resources including easy-to-understand educational materials and a dedicated call-center staffed by a PCI Patient Educator help candidates for PCI learn about CAD and feel empowered to ask their doctor for a referral.

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Industry leaders share insights and best practices for the CV Service Line

Explore CVForward, a source for articles, videos, how-to guides and other resources developed in collaboration with some of the industry’s leading visionaries.

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