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Boston Scientific's work with the Colon Cancer Prevention Project is featured in Premier, Inc.'s spring 2016 Economic Outlook magazine. Read the article


Closing the Gap in Screening and Treating for GI, Pulmonary Conditions

Kentucky Group Addresses Colon Cancer Disparities

Dr. Whitney Jones, speaking at an event on colon cancer awareness. Dr. Whitney Jones, speaking at an event on colon cancer awareness.

Dr. Whitney Jones, speaking at an event on colon cancer awareness.

Boston Scientific assists local groups in mobilizing at-risk populations to screen for asthma and colon cancer, and educate on other diseases as part of its Close the Gap health equity program. Two successful initiatives are highlighted here. Boston Scientific's Endoscopy business hopes to collaborate with more hospitals and community organizations in 2016.

In Cincinnati, Making a Difference Screening for Asthma

Churches, local government and businesses team up to screen underserved urban populations for many chronic conditions through the First Ladies' Health Initiative of Cincinnati. Boston Scientific joined with the local chapter of the organization to help screen for asthma and lung cancer.


Innovation in Design — Reinventing the Clip

As the pioneers of the endoscopic hemoclip, Boston Scientific heeded the call for mechanical clipping, and even though the Resolution™ Clip remains the number one clip on the market the company heard loud and clear that customers needed more, the need to rotate the clip. However, as innovative experts in the field, it wasn’t enough to just create a clip that rotates, the mission was to reset the bar and advance the technology to the next level.

Reinventing the Clip Reinventing the Clip


Working with You for a Better Supply Chain

As part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program and Boston Scientific's Supply Chain Optimization Services, M.B.A. recipient Suman Machinani, M.D. led a supply chain process-improvement pilot program at a hospital endoscopy department — revealing opportunities that can be reproduced at other Boston Scientific customers' facilities.


Boston Scientific’s Endoscopy Business Completes GS1/GTIN Transition

As of August 2015, Boston Scientific’s Endoscopy business completed its GS1/Global Trade Number (GTIN) transition.

GS1 are the most widely used supply chain standards in the world and GTINs adhere to these standards to serve as globally unique identification numbers as an item in the supply chain moves from manufacturing through distribution and use.

Boston Scientific's Endoscopy Business Completes GS1/GTIN Transition Boston Scientific's Endoscopy Business Completes GS1/GTIN Transition