Pancreatic Cancer Research Pancreatic Cancer Research

With only an 8% five-year survival rate1, pancreatic cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related death1 and Boston Scientific is committed to changing this alarming statistic by supporting organizations such as The Lustgarten Foundation and National Pancreas Foundation.

In support of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, Boston Scientific will donate 1% of our products used to diagnose and treat conditions caused by pancreatic cancer including WallFlexTM Biliary RX Stent, AcquireTM Endoscopic Ultrasound Fine Needle Biopsy Device, and SpyScopeTM DS sales made in November to help fund pancreatic cancer research, education and awareness.

Program Details:
Boston Scientific will donate 1% of product sales during the month of November to one or more non-profit organizations, with a maximum donation amount of $75,000. This program applies to fully covered, partially covered and uncovered WallFlex RX Biliary Stents, Acquire 22ga and 25ga Endoscopic Ultrasound Fine Needle Biopsy Devices, and SpyScope DS devices sold from November 1-30, 2016. The Program is subject to modification or termination by Boston Scientific without prior notification. This program may not be available in all countries. Contact your Boston Scientific Territory Manager for details of the Program.