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The Control Needed for Every Patient is Here
Singular methods for achieving CRT response are varied, and none are effective 100% of the time. Now, SmartCRT introducing a more systematic, customizable approach to improve CRT response.

Customized Patient Therapy, Maximized Patient Response

A Systematic approach maximizes patient response.

How does SmartCRT Work?

SmartCRT™ is Boston Scientific’s approach to personalize CRT therapy by providing physicians with smart solutions to optimize where, when, and how to pace to obtain CRT Response in most patients.

SmartCRT Infographic SmartCRT Infographic

*Assumes: 2.0V RA, LV-only, 2.0V LV, 700Ω, 15% A pacing, 100% LV pacing, No LATITUDE, No Respiratory Rate Sensor, No Heart Failure Sensor Suite.

Peer-to-Peer Perspectives

The following products feature SmartCRT: