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Booth visitors tested their ability to detect S3 heart sounds by listening to waveforms obtained through the MultiSENSE study.


Dr. Lucas Boersma presented updated EWOLUTION results. After two years of follow up, the rate of ischemic stroke was 1.3 per 100 patient years, representing an 83% relative reduction in the expected rate without treatment, and 46% relative reduction in post procedure bleeding compared to expected rates for patients taking warfarin based on HAS-BLED.1


The Rhythmia HDx Mapping system continues to be a topic of interest internationally, with 9 ISRs from Japan and Europe and 1 from the University of Buffalo. In addition, The University of Bordeaux published initial pre-clinical experiences with the LUMIPOINT™ software module. The module was applied retrospectively to 26 VT maps, for 25 patients (22 with ischemic cardio myopathy and 3 with repaired ToF)2. Each of the LUMIPOINT features were applied to patient maps post treatment, and conclusions were encouraging. Direct quote from the poster:

These features may act in a general way to enhance human interpretation of the electrogram signals during a case, and therefore allow easier and quicker comprehension of maps and decision making


In a late breaking clinical trial presentation, Dr. Brouwer reported on the results from the SMART Pass Latitude analysis which was simultaneously published in Heart Rhythm.  In this study of nearly 2,000 real-world S-ICD patients comprising a younger population more typically prone to inappropriate shocks with TV-ICD, those with SMART Pass enabled, had only a 4.3% rate of inappropriate shocks.3

Experience HeartLogic™

The HeartLogic educational experience is focused on the detection of S3 heart sounds by the Resonate™ family of ICD and CRT-D devices. Booth visitors will be able to test their ability to detect heart sounds by listening to waveforms obtained through the MultiSENSE study, then compare what they detect to the heart sounds detected by our devices.


Experience RHYTHMIA HDx™

Create your own RHYTHMIA HDx Map using the Intellamap Orion Mapping Catheter on a proprietary electronic heart model. The life size heart model provides users with the experience of navigating the INTELLAMAP Orion™ Mapping catheter through the heart’s chambers. The experience is guided by Boston Scientific mapping and engineering experts.


Experience EMBLEM™ MRI S-ICD
and WATCHMAN™ in 3D

Booth visitors can experience EMBLEM MRI S-ICD and WATCHMAN through Echopixel technology.  The 3D display will allow the attendees to observe a CT scan of various patient anatomies, virtually place a S-ICD device and electrode, and compare their positioning with what would be considered ideal placement. 

View cases that show left atrial appendage morphology and a post implant Watchman case with the LAA completely occluded and the frame of the Watchman device easily visible.


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