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Electrophysiology Portfolio


Optimized for Clarity.

Engineered with clinically meaningful innovations, our portfolio equips electrophysiologists with unprecedented clarity in even the most complex electrophysiology procedures. Its four key products work in tandem to enable precise and accurate localization of electrograms of interest, so you can deliver more effective, efficient lesions. And that clarity during procedures can lead to better patient outcomes and improve your long-term success rates.

See how our electrophysiology portfolio is bringing clarity to the EP lab



RHYTHMIA’s cutting-edge technology sets the standard of performance in high-definition mapping. Its automated, rapid acquisition of high-density, high-resolution maps provides unparalleled clarity for accuracy, precision, and efficiency in even the most complex procedures.

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The highest-resolution mapping catheter available today, the INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter gives you remarkable clarity. Its unique electrode design maximizes contact and minimizes far field, producing sharper, better-quality signals that allow for precise localization of arrhythmias.

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MIFI™ Ablation Technology utilizes tip-imbedded mini electrodes to map and ablate with unmatched accuracy2—providing a meaningful leap forward in high-resolution ablation. Its high-resolution electrodes provide clear visualization of even the smallest amplitude signals, allowing you to more efficiently distinguish viable from non-viable tissue and identify small channels in dense scar or gaps in previous lesion sets.

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LABSYSTEM™ PRO is the only EP recording system with outstanding noise rejection that also delivers advanced analysis tools and an intuitive, customizable user interface. Its four proprietary tools are designed to bring clarity to the EP lab enabling faster, more precise diagnosis for complex arrhythmias.

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  2. Based on 1mm tip-embedded electrode design.

Activation map image courtesy of Elad Anter, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Mass.

RHYTHMIA™ Mapping System Indications, Safety, and Warnings

INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter Indications, Safety, and Warnings 

INTELLATIP MIFI™ XP Temperature Ablation Catheter Indications, Safety and Warnings

LABSYSTEM™ PRO Recording System Indications, Safety, Warnings


CAUTION: Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Rx only. Prior to use, please see the complete “Directions for Use” for more information on Indications, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, Adverse Events, and Operator’s Instructions. Boston Scientific relies on the physician to determine, assess, and communicate to each patient all foreseeable risks of the procedure.