Allied Health Professionals

EDUCARE is a comprehensive suite of education and training programs that support healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care worldwide.

CE-Accredited Online Courses

HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Diagnostic Learning Center

Visit the HeartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic Learning Center to learn about HeartLogic which was validated in the MultiSENSE study to detect early warning signs of worsening heart failure by combining data from 5 sensors into a single composite index.  CE credit available.

ImageReadyTM Training Center

Learn how to determine if a device is MR conditional and how to program devices into MRI Protection Mode.

SmartCRTTM Training

The SmartCRT™ course is designed to teach AHPs how to program CRT optimization features including VectorGuide™, SmartDelay™, and MultiSite Pacing.

Recorded Webcasts

Five CE-eligible webcasts are available for nurses that care for and manage patients with implantable pacemakers. 

Module topics include:

  • CRM Basics: Timing Cycles
  • CRM Basics: Codes and Modes
  • CRM Basics: Pacing Concepts and System Components
  • CRM Basics: Pacing System Evaluation
  • CRM Basics: ECG/EGM Case Scenarios

Contact your local CRM Sales Representative or Teri Ziembo ( for more information on these 5 CE-eligible webcasts.