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Cardiac Ablation Catheters: INTELLANAV™ Family

Built on the proven BLAZER™ platform, the INTELLANAV family of magnetic-enabled ablation catheters is designed for increased accuracy, efficiency and clarity when used with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System.1 This comprehensive portfolio of ablation catheters provides the toolset you need for a variety of anatomical targets to meet your lab’s total ablation needs.

The INTELLANAV Family of Catheters Provide ≤1 mm Navigational Accuracy

The INTELLANAV Family of Catheters Provides ≤1 mm Navigational Accuracy1

Open-Irrigated, Navigation-Enabled Catheter Tip


Featuring the Total Tip Cooling™ design, the INTELLANAV OPEN-IRRIGATED catheter offers magnetic tracking technology for increased accuracy, efficiency and performance.

Navigation-Enabled Catheter Tip with Mini Electrodes

INTELLANAV MIFI™ XP Ablation Catheter

With the unparalleled clarity of MiFi technology, INTELLANAV MIFI XP unlocks the magnetic tracking performance of the RHYTHMIA HDx cardiac mapping system. 

Navigation-Enabled Catheter Tip

INTELLANAV™ XP Ablation Catheter

INTELLANAV XP is an efficient ablation catheter that delivers magnetically tracked accuracy when used in conjunction with the RHYTHMIA HDx Mapping System.

Navigation-Enabled Catheter Tip

INTELLANAV™ ST Ablation Catheter

With the precise location of a 4mm navigation-enabled tip, the INTELLANAV ST Ablation Catheter offers smaller ablation for increased accuracy, efficiency and performance.

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Close-up of a RHYTHMIA HDx high-definition cardiac map.

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Physician using a Boston Scientific electrophysiology product.

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