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Cardiac Ablation Catheters: INTELLANAV™ Family

Built on the proven BLAZER™ platform, the INTELLANAV family of magnetic-enabled ablation catheters offer increased accuracy, efficiency and clarity when used with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System.1

The INTELLANAV OPEN-IRRIGATED Ablation Catheter has two cooling chambers.


Featuring the Total Tip Cooling™ design and the proven performance of the BLAZER platform, the INTELLANAV OPEN-IRRIGATED catheter offers magnetic tracking technology for increased accuracy, efficiency and performance.

INTELLANAV MIFI XP Ablation Catheters have a 1 mm mini electrode diameter.

INTELLANAV MIFI™ XP Ablation Catheter

Combining the unparalleled clarity of MiFi technology and the proven BLAZER platform, INTELLANAV MIFI XP unlocks the magnetic tracking performance of the RHYTHMIA HDx cardiac mapping system.

INTELLANAV XP Ablation Catheters have been shown to deliver tracking accuracy in RHYTHMIA Mapping System cases.

INTELLANAV™ XP Ablation Catheter

When used in conjunction with the RHYTHMIA HDx Mapping System, this magnetically tracked cardiac ablation catheter delivers accuracy and historical BLAZER platform performance.

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Close-up of a RHYTHMIA HDx high-definition cardiac map.

Experience RHYTHMIA HDx for Yourself

Join us for an in-person experience to see the clarity the RHYTHMIA HDx cardiac mapping system offers first-hand.

Physician using a Boston Scientific electrophysiology product.

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