Process Overview

We are dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

U.S.-based health care institutions, medical societies, national associations, academic medical centers and health care providers (HCP) acting on behalf of U.S. health care institutions who are interested in requesting funding should use our new online application system, which replaces all paper application forms. (HCPs who would like to apply for medical research project grants can do so through the Investigator Sponsored Research program.)

  • All grants for third-party research, educational programs or fellowships – regardless of the amount of support requested – must be approved by a Boston Scientific committee.
  • Each of our businesses has a cross-functional, multidisciplinary committee that meets regularly to review grant applications.
  • The committees review applications against established criteria to help assure that proposals are evaluated on their individual merit and without regard to past, present or future purchases of Boston Scientific products.
  • Review dates are listed in Business Information & Deadlines.
  • Please submit your requests/applications as far in advance as possible, as the grant committees only review requests monthly.
  • We receive many worthwhile requests. Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, we are unable to fund them all.
  • It is important to note that past funding does not guarantee future approval and that submissions can be approved at an amount less than the requested amount.
  • Do not assume that a request has been approved.
  • Requestors will receive an email notification of approval or denial after the committee has made its decisions.

The U.S. Physician Payment Sunshine Act requires all pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device manufacturers – like Boston Scientific – to report annually to the U.S. government payments and transfers of value made to U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals. This could include educational and research grants and charitable donations. 
Read additional details about the U.S. Physician Payment Sunshine Act ›

Step 1: Select core business

Step 2: Select type of request

Step 3: Create account or log in

  • Use your email address and a password to create an account.
    • Note: large institutions that have multiple requestors may want to create a shared email account that all can access.
  • If you are not able to finish your application you may save and finish it later.
    • You will receive an email titled: "Your DRAFT Application" including a link to use to complete it at your convenience.
  • Complete the application and click on "Submit" at the bottom of the last page.
    • You will receive an email titled: "Your Application Submission XXXXX" (XXXXX represents the tracking number that will be automatically assigned to your submission).

Step 4: Submit application

Step 5: Boston Scientific Committee Review

Step 6: Approval or Denial of Application

You will receive email notification of approval or denial approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the scheduled review date. If approved, we require a signed letter of agreement before any payment processing.