Frequently Asked Questions

Which organizations are eligible for support from the Boston Scientific Foundation?

Legally, organizations must be (i) recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt entity [i.e., a 501(c) (3)], or (ii) a public school or agency that meets our Foundation’s primary goal of promoting health and education, especially to those with significant unmet needs. Note: Currently, the Boston Scientific Foundation only makes grants within the United States.

What is not eligible for support from the Boston Scientific Foundation?

  • Requests for event-based fundraising or sponsorships
  • Capital campaigns
  • General operating requests
  • Continuing medical education requests or medical research requests
  • Political campaigns to support and/or oppose candidates for public office
  • Evangelizing activities of religious organizations
  • Fundraising initiatives that may directly or indirectly benefit Boston Scientific Corporation

When can organizations apply to the Foundation?

Beginning in 2017 the Boston Scientific Foundation will accept grant applications twice annually, based on focus area.

Please take note of this important change.

January 1 - April 1      Health Applications Accepted

Health applications received between January 1 – April 1 will be assigned to regionally-based review committees for evaluation. Proposals that are recommended by these committees will be presented to the Foundation Board in July. Organizations that submitted health proposals will be notified in July/August as to the status of their application.

Mid-May  - August 15      Education Applications Accepted

Education applications received between Mid-May – August 15 will be assigned to regionally-based review committees for evaluation. Proposals that are recommended by these committees will be presented to the Foundation Board in December. Organizations that submitted education proposals will be notified in December/January as to the status of their application.

The Foundation will accept only one application per organization each year.

What type of reporting is required if our organization receives a grant award?

Every organization that receives a grant from the Boston Scientific Foundation is required to submit a Year End Report (YER). The YER form can be downloaded from the Application Page.

When are Year End Reports Due?

Year End Reports are due no later than 12 months from the grant award date. The grant award date is the date on the award letter which accompanies grant checks. Learn more about Year End Reports in the section below.

Important note about grant awards:

The Boston Scientific Foundation provides one year grants in an effort to support as many innovative health and K-12 educational programs as possible. Programs funded must target underserved populations.  

The Foundation is most interested in opportunities to:

  • serve as a catalyst for positive change
  • support innovation
  • leverage significant and long-term impact

If an organization receives a grant award one year and then applies the following year, a new submission will be evaluated among a pool of organizations not funded the prior year.  The Year End Report (YER), which is required by all grantees, must be submitted with the new application.  If the Year End Report is not submitted with the new application, the submission will not be complete and will not be considered.  

What is a typical grant size? Do you award multi-year grants?

This depends on the size of the organization and program for which a grant is requested. We do not award muliti-year grants.

What sort of scholarship awards do you make available to college-aged children of Boston Scientific employees?

To help improve the educational opportunities for the children of Boston Scientific employees, we offer an academic scholarship program for eligible children of all active, full-time, regular, United States-based Boston Scientific employees who are accepted and attend an accredited post-secondary undergraduate institution to pursue any course of study.

Who helps staff and manage the Foundation?

In addition to our small staff in Marlborough, MA, the Boston Scientific Foundation relies on the due diligence of our Employee Community Teams, comprised of employees who volunteer in key regions across the U.S. where Boston Scientific offices are located. These teams identify charitable organizations and evaluate grant applications at a local level and make recommendations on these applications from their respective regions. Our Foundation Board of Directors oversees regional grant recommendations made by the Employee Community Teams.