Safety and Health

Boston Scientific’s employee safety journey continued in 2015, aligning with the Company’s core value of caring, in this case, caring for our employees.  With sound core health & safety programs in place, the primary focus was on the advancement of safety culture, engaging employees in thinking and acting safely, for themselves as well as others.  Leveraging local employee safety ownership work already in place, a global program was launched in 2015, called Employee Safety Responsibility, Ownership and Behavior (ROB).  A common global name and branding helped communicate the intent and value of ROB, which compliments the local safety ownership programs already in place.  To convert the concept of safety culture into a standard part of work, supporting leading metrics were also globally launched to capture ideas brought forth by employees to pro-actively improve safety, and the commitment to act on those ideas and put them into practice.  And to help communicate the importance of safety across the workforce, visible safety walks are held by senior leadership members at our operating sites, talking with employees about safe practices in their areas and sharing ideas about how to make them even safer.

Safety and Health Results

While we believe our safety program is properly directed, safety results were mixed in 2015.  We achieved our goal of maintaining an injury severity rate of 10 (10 lost or restricted days per 100 employees per year), which we see as best in class.  We also achieved an injury incident rate of 0.57 (0.57 injuries per 100 employees per year), better than our 5-year 2015 target, but somewhat higher than last year’s result.  While on track to meet the 5-year 2018 safety goal, our intentions are to recover and achieve further improvements in 2016.