Policies, Certifications and Awards

Boston Scientific Headquarters Receives USEPA Recognition

On top of the new Marlborough, MA headquarters building achieving LEED Gold certification and ISO 14001:2004 certification last year, the US Environmental Protection Agency recognized the building’s exceptional energy efficiency and awarded it Energy Star certification.  To qualify for this award, Boston Scientific provided information describing the nature and uses of the building, its energy systems, and performance data.  In achieving this award, EPA has acknowledged that this building is more efficient than over 75% of other comparable buildings.  As a result, our operations use less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping both our financial and environmental performance.

Minnesota Sites Receive Leadership in Sustainability Award

Boston Scientific Minnesota operational sites were recognized for regional leadership in environmental sustainability. For discovering new conservation opportunities and demonstrating a vital commitment to putting sustainable business concepts into practice, the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation, a division of the Chamber of Commerce, recognized Boston Scientific as a 2015 Waste Wise Leader.

At the awards ceremony held in October 2015, and on the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation website, Boston Scientific is recognized for superior achievement in solid waste reduction, recycling increase, zero landfill status and decreased energy use.  The Minnesota sites’ successes in waste reduction and recycling increase can be attributed to investment in innovative waste management programs such as nitrile glove recycling and organic waste diversion to composting.

“Like many of our programs, sustainability has been approached as a journey, each year building upon prior learnings and results,” says Leonard Sarapas, Corporate Director, Environment, Health and Safety. “We rely on committed employees, management support, and a culture of innovation and execution.”​

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Galway Operations Receives National Sustainability Award

Boston Scientific Galway was recently recognized for their national leadership in sustainability.  Participating in an Irish-wide industry competition, the site was the winner of the Environmental Education and Awareness Initiative of the Year award.

During the Dublin awards ceremony, several notable areas of performance were called out, including the site’s recycling, energy and waste management programs. The site’s success in reducing its waste generation by 34% while at the same time increasing waste recycling to 80% was attributed to the launch of an easy to adopt program and effective training on sustainable waste management.

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly led the congratulations noting that the aim of the Boston Scientific programs was to encourage employees to take action today both at the workplace and in the home, to reduce, reuse and recycle waste so that in the future their grandchildren can work and play in a world as green as today’s.

Fremont Facility Recognized for Recycling Leadership

Boston Scientific Fremont is the proud recipient of The California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) 2015 Outstanding Waste Prevention Award. The CRRA is California’s statewide recycling association and is the oldest and one of the largest non-profit recycling organizations in the United States.

This award is granted to a single business, government agency, community-based organization or school each year that has evaluated their waste streams and successfully implemented a program that prevents the generation of waste.

Among many aspects, the award evaluation process focused on documented waste prevention, diversion, conservation and recovery, and  innovative solutions, approaches and/or partnerships.  Boston Scientific was honored at the 2015 Annual CRRA Conference in Los Angeles, California.

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