Boston Scientific is committed to protecting the planet and our people by incorporating sustainability development and adoption into our global site operations and practices.

In 2016, we:

Sustainability Goals

In 2014, Boston Scientific defined new five-year sustainability goals that encompass energy management, recycling and reuse of waste.
* Compared to the 2009 baseline

Carbon Neutral By 2030

In September 2017, Boston Scientific announced the company is committing to carbon neutral manufacturing and distribution processes by 2030.

Reaching carbon neutrality means taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put into it. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Our road map to carbon neutrality includes initiatives to:

  • Cut down the use of on-site and purchased energy
  • Convert to renewable energy where possible and
  • Compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions

Spotlight: Costa Rica

Power at our Costa Rica plants is primarily driven by green hydro energy – the process of turning flowing water into energy. Two of the Boston Scientific manufacturing sites in Costa Rica (Coyol and Heredia) were certified as carbon neutral by the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment, making our company the first medical device manufacturing company in Costa Rica to hold this certification.

LEED Certifications

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized green building certification program, which supports our green real estate KPI targets. Boston Scientific global facilities include 11 LEED certifications.