Information Systems Rotation Program

Our goal? To create the next generation of technically proficient leaders. And our benchmark iDEAL in IS Rotation Program is designed to take us - and you - there. 

Throughout your two-year tenure, we invest in your development and education to help you become tomorrow's leader in the field. You'll participate in four different job assignments - each six months long - across the IS organization. Assignments are varied and diverse but will include at least one rotation in each of the following roles:

  • Project based (e.g. manage deployment of iPads to sales force)

  • Run support (e.g. support Software Development application used company-wide)

  • Infrastructure (e.g. work with Information Security team) 

Our placement process is top-notch, ensuring that we match you with opportunities that are best suited for you and the IS organization as a whole. You won't just be exposed to thought leaders. You'll work with them, creating cutting-edge solutions with real-world impact.

Comprehensive, world-class training supplements your on-the-job experience, so you can master the challenges of managing teams, projects and professional relationships. And with our social events, meet-and-greets, presentation days and many volunteer opportunities, you'll stay connected while building your network.

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How the placement process works:

1. Managers post available positions

  • IS Managers submit descriptions for available rotation positions
  • You are encouraged to meet with IS managers and talk with fellow Rotation Associates to learn more about existing opportunities

2. You regroup with your advisor

  • You submit position preferences and meet with program advisors to assess your current rotation and identify skills you would like to develop

3. Your goals are balanced with the company's needs

  • Advisors work with IS Managers to match you with appropriate roles

The IS Rotation Program training consists of:

Leadership Courses: a sequence of classes of increasing complexity, including topics such as Making Meetings Work, Motivating Others and Leading Change

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM): a widely recognized accreditation that requires you to complete 23 hours of project management education or have at least 1,500 hours of project management experience
  • Lean Business Process (LBP): teaches associates the skills to continuously assess, measure and improve Boston Scientific's procedures and practices