Coyol, Costa Rica

Driving directions

Employees at the Coyol, Costa Rica facility manufacture products for our Cardiology, Urology, Endoscopy and Peripheral Intervention divisions. Coyol is located in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica, an area currently seeing rapid development and industrialization.

Coyol began operations in 2009, originally manufacturing products such as gastro biopsy forceps, pulmonary forceps and polypectomy snares.


  • 20 kilometers north of Costa Rica's capital city, San José


  • The Preventico Health and Safety Award
  • The Best Exporter of the Country Award

Charitable Giving

The Costa Rica sites and its employees, through Boston Scientific's InvolucraRSE program, actively support charitable organizations and causes:

  • Built houses for people in need.
  • Supported the National Children's Hospital.
  • We have been the main contributor to the local telethon that raises funds for health-related issues in the country.


We recognize that good health, financial wellness and security are all critical to a productive workforce and support an ongoing culture of health. Our benefit plans are built to enable high performing talent, support a work/life balance, promote wellbeing, and create an inclusive work environment based on unique cultures.