Rotational Atherectomy System

The standard in rotational atherectomy, The Rotablator System provides an excellent option for treating calcified lesions, with a complete family of products.


Product Details

Effective Tools for Treating Calcified Lesions

Pre-treating calcified lesions with rotational atherectomy can be one of the best ways to enhance proper stent placement

The Rotablator System Features a Full Family of Products

  • RotaWire™ Guide Wires
  • Rotablator RotaLink™ Plus Pre-connected Exchangeable Burr Catheter and Advancing Device
  • Rotablator RotaLink Advancer and Burrs
  • Rotablator Console and Foot Pedal

Guidewires for Directing the Burr

RotaWire Floppy Guide Wire

  • Long, tapered shaft designed for greater flexibility
  • Designed for greater vessel straightening in unfavorable guide wire bias situations


RotaWire Extra Support Guide Wire

  • Short, tapered shaft intended to maximize vessel straightening to help create favorable guide wire bias
  • Added support aids in advancing the Rotablator Burr into lesions


Burrs and Advancers for Exchangeable Rotational Atherectomy System Advancement

RotaLink Plus System (pre-connected)

  • Burrs can be exchanged for a larger size if needed
  • Reduces inventory space in lab


RotaLink System Advancer

  • Separate multiple-sized RotaLink Catheter burrs available
  • Ability to change burr offers procedural flexibility when multiple burrs are anticipated


RotaLink System Burrs

  • Burr assortment adds to flexibility
  • Burr sizes from 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm


Console and Foot Pedal for Regulating Rotational Burr Speed

Rotablator Console

  • Controls burr rotation speed by regulating air flow to the advancer
  • Monitors and displays burr rotation speed and procedure time


Rotablator Dynaglide™ Foot Pedal

  • Activates the burr by initiating the flow of air through the system
  • Facilitates burr exchange or removal by switching the system in and out of Dynaglide mode