Rhythm Management

Transforming lives with groundbreaking technologies that address irregular heart rhythms, heart failure and sudden cardiac arrest.
Combining the most advanced and least-invasive rhythm management technologies available with an unwavering commitment to deep collaboration with healthcare professionals, we’re helping to reduce costs, improve outcomes and enhance patients’ lives.

Delivering Meaningful Innovation

Redefining Heart Care. We’re dedicated to helping patients live longer, healthier lives with the launch of our novel Rhythmia™ Mapping System for diagnosing and treating complex arrhythmias, as well as the continued development of differentiated diagnostic and therapeutic catheters for electrophysiologists.

A Pioneering Approach to AFib Stroke Risk. The launch of the WATCHMAN™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device further solidified our position in the structural heart market. This innovative technology offers a life-changing alternative to blood thinners for reducing non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AFib) stroke risk.

Growth Through Longer-Lasting Treatments. We created and launched EnduraLife™ Battery Technology in 2008 resulting in the the longest projected device longevity for implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds). With the launch of the Acuity X4 Quadipolar LV Leads we now have a complete CRT-D system. In 2015, we grew revenue in pacemakers and ICDs and delivered market share gains with our EMBLEM™ Subcutaneous Defibrillator (S-ICD) System in the U.S. and Europe.

Conditions We Treat

Cardiac Arrhythmias, Heart Rhythm Disorders, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure

Solutions We Offer

Pacemakers, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), Subcutaneous ICDs (S-ICDs), Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) Devices, Remote Monitoring Systems, Pericardiocentesis, Pacing Leads and ICD Leads, Radiofrequency Ablation Catheters, 3D Mapping and Navigation System, EP Recording System, Diagnostic Catheters, Intracardiac Access Sheaths
Rhythmia™ Mapping System - World’s most advanced 3-D mapping system Advanced, flexible architecture High-resolution validation maps

Patient Impact



* Ellis C, Markus T, Dickerman D, Orton J, Hassan S, Good E, Okabe T, Greenspon A. Ampere Hour as a Predictor of CRT ICD Pulse Generator Longevity: A Multi-Center Study. Presented at HFSA 2014. http://www.onlinejcf.com/article/S1071-9164(14)00337-6/fulltext. Ampere Hour (Ah) as a Predictor of CRT ICD Pulse Generator Battery Longevity Study. The five major institutions performing the study include, at Vanderbilt University, Eastside Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Michigan, Thomas Jefferson University, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Cooper Health System and North Ohio Research. Boston Scientific = 266 patients, Medtronic = 542 patients, St. Jude Medical = 149 patients. Five-year survival rate calculated using device replacements for battery depletion as indicated by ERI.

** Modeling shows EnduraLife Technology saved the US healthcare system approximately $300 million in 2015. Avoided explants were modeled by comparing Boston Scientific's actual explant volumes in 2015 with those predicted by a model seeded with pre-EnduraLife longevities. Devices made by other manufacturers were not included in the model. Savings were quantified using an average reimbursement value for outpatient ICD replacement.