DYNAMICᵀᴹ (Y) Stent

Bifurcated TracheoBronchial Stent

The Dynamic (Y) Stent is a tracheobronchial stent designed specifically for the airway anatomy. The stent is designed to simultaneously secure the trachea, left mainstem and right mainstem bronchus.

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Product Details

The Dynamic (Y) Stent is intended to maintain patent airways in tracheal stenosis and seal  tracheoesophageal fistulas. 

Dynamic-y-stent Dynamic-y-stent

Ordering Information

Order Number Description Tracheal Width (Internal) (mm) Bronchial Width (Internal) (mm) Tracheal Length (mm)  Bronchial Lengths (Right / Left) (mm)
M00570670 Dynamic (Y) Stent 11 8 110 25/40
M00570680 Dynamic (Y) Stent 13 10 110 25/40
M00570690 Dynamic (Y) Stent 15 12 110 25/40

Packaged one per box