Cannulating Sphincterotome

The TRUEtome Cannulating Sphincterotome is for physicians who prefer using an over-the-wire guidewire for ERCP.

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Device Features

Center Guidewire Lumen design allows the guidewire to extend from the center of the sphincterotome to aid in positioning and facilitates wire-guided cannulation.*

Wire-guided Cannulation is known to reduce the risk of post-ERCP pancreatitis compared with the standard contrast injection method.1

Center Injection Lumen design allows injection of contrast to exit from the center of the catheter enabling delivery of contrast to the intended duct.

TRUEtome Center Guidewire Lumen TRUEtome Center Guidewire Lumen

*Does not apply to 4.9F (1.63mm) diameter.

1. Cennamo et al. Can a Wire-Guided Cannulation Technique Increase Bile Duct Cannulation Rate and Prevent Post-ERCP Pancreatitis?: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. The American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2009.

Sphincterotome design accommodates Multiple Guidewire Diameters from 0.018 - 0.035in and allows for use of multiple guidewires during a procedure.*

Sphincterotome Multiple Tip Sizes accommodate varying patient anatomies and facilitates cannulation:

Sphincterotome Multiple Tip Sizes Sphincterotome Multiple Tip Sizes

* TRUEtome 3.9F Sphincterotome accepts a maximum guidewire of 0.025in

  • 3.F=1.30mm
  • 4.4F=1.47mm
  • 4.9F = 1.63mm
  • 0.018in = 0.46mm
  • 0.025in = 0.64mm
  • 0.035in = 0.89mm

Controlled Steerability provides optimal positioning for ERCP cannulation and sphincterotomy. Steerability enables intraductal selective cannulation to aid in accessing the pancreatico-biliary tree.

Handle Brake helps maintain catheter bow for all tip sizes and added control during sphincterotomy.


Ordering Information

TRUEtome Cannulating Sphincerotomes are available in three tapered tip sizes to accommodate varying patient anatomies.

Order Number (Box 1) Order Number (Box 10) Order Number (Box 20) Product Description Cut Wire Length (mm) Tip Length (mm) Distal Tip O.D. (F) Recommended Guidewire Diameter (in)
M00584150 M00584151 M00584152 TUREtome 49 Sphincterotome 20 5 4.9 0.018-0.035
M00584160 M00584161 M00584162 TUREtome 49 Sphincterotome 30 5 4.9 0.018-0.035
M00584170 M00584171 M00584172 TUREtome 44 Sphincterotome 20 5 4.4 0.018-0.035
M00584180 M00584181 M00584182 TUREtome 44 Sphincterotome 30 5 4.4 0.018-0.035
M00584190 M00584191 M00584192 TUREtome 39 Sphincterotome 20 5 3.9 0.018-0.025
M00584120 M00584121 M00584122 TUREtome 39 Sphincterotome 30 5 3.9 0.018-0.025

  • 3.9F = 1.30mm
  • 4.4F = 1.47mm
  • 4.9F = 1.63mm

  • 0.018in = 0.46mm
  • 0.025in = 0.64mm
  • 0.035in = 0.89mm